Getting organized with Todoist sidebar

A step forward for personal productivity is a new Todoist sidebar which offers following features:
  • A toolbar button is added, clicking on it will launch a minified version of Todoist
  • The sidebar is cached, so toggling it is super fast and all the state is saved
  • The sidebar can be opened with ALT-Q keyboard short cut as well

Shortly said: the sidebar makes it possible to view tasks in a split-second! Before we proceed to see what more the sidebar offers, let's get a quick look how it looks like:

Todoist sidebar

Bookmarking service

I personally visit a lot of sites and I would like to bookmark some of them and add them as tasks. A suggestion of things that are linkable and taskable:

  • Articles that you want to read
  • Bug reports
  • Gift ideas for your mom's birthday
  • Interesting stuff
  • Research for your Japan trip

Todoist sidebar helps you with this issue and makes bookmarking trivial, since it knows which sites you are visiting - a site bookmark is a click away.

Integration with Gmail

A proper Gmail integration is added as well! The sidebar can be used in following ways:

  • When reading a Gmail email, you have the option to add it as task (with one click!)
  • A Gmail task will be a link that links directly to that email

Shortly said: Todoist sidebar will interact with Gmail and give you the options to better manage your inbox. It's a feature I really need.

Install it

If you use Firefox 2, 3 you can install it easily:

Try it out, even if you don't currently use Todoist.

Screencast: The sidebar in action

To get a better feel of the sidebar check out this screencast:

25. Jul 2008 Announcements · Interesting · Tips · Todoist
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