Manage Gmail like a pro

Gmail is a great email reader. Todoist is a great task manager. Combine them and you get the best of both worlds! Gmail+Todoist integration offers you following things:
  • Delegate emails to Todoist directly from Gmail - with a single click!
  • Sort your emails into projects.
  • Assign due dates to emails, this way you wont forget to answer important emails.
  • Read or answer emails directly from Todoist using Gmails known interface.

And the best of it all: It takes around 30 seconds to get started and it works in any browser! Read below to see how it works.

Delegate emails from Gmail

An important email pops in into your inbox and you don't have time to process it. What do you do? You press Delegate to Todoist bookmark link:

Delegate emails from Gmail

A task is added to Todoist

A special Gmail task is added instantly, it acts like other Todoist tasks, but it's clickable and has a Gmail icon:

A Gmail task

Ready to process the email?

When you are ready to process the email, you simply click on it and Todoist opens the email in Gmail "light mode":

Gmail light mode

How to get started?

Not a Todoist user? Then sign up - it's free.

After you are logged in, read the Gmail integration guide on Todoist info page. You can also view it online.


Todoist does not store your emails or your Gmail login information. In order to use this feature, you must be logged in both Todoist and Gmail.

Update: Native Firefox plugin

[ICR], one of Todoist users, has created a native Firefox plugin, read more about it.

21. Apr 2007 Announcements · Todoist
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