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The web is becoming more and more realtime and we at Plurk are following the trend. Yesterday we released instant notifications so users can have conversations with sub-second delays - - it's like group based instant messaging.

Implementing this has not been easy given the complexities and size of Plurk, some problems include:

  • huge amount of active users - hundred thousands of online users at once
  • huge amount of usage - to this day our users have posted over 1 billion unique messages
  • complexity of Plurk's features - such as mute, responses seen, private plurks etc.

A demo can be seen here - if that's too boring sign up, invite some friends and try it out live:

Our implementation uses node.js and a big kudos goes to them for their wonderful work.

We have rewritten to node.js from Java+JBoss Netty, because the old solution had scalability problems. We have also been able to build a very sophisticated messaging system given JavaScript expressiveness and the simplicity of node.js. Generally, we have found node.js and V8 very impressive - and it uses about 10 times less memory than Java+Netty did. The bottom line is if you implement anything comet related - - try to use node.js!

We may release our comet implementation in the future, but currently it's very tied up to Plurk's architecture.

I have already shared a lot of my knowledge on comet - including code and a talk about node.js for Taipei Open Source Group. Check out these posts for more info:

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