Todoist Material

A few days ago we released Todoist Material -- the most seamless, inspiring, and intelligent to-do list available for Android. Check the details on Todoist's blog.

Todoist Material

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Doist is hiring great devs (remote work)

We are growing our awesome team of about 30 people and we have following positions open:
  • Android Developer (we are deep into Material)
  • Front-end JavaScript Developer (we have recently switched to React!)
  • Python Developer (full-stack backend dev)
  • iOS developer (we are currently working on Todoist for Apple Watch)

I know a lot of my readers are developers - - so if you are interested, or know somebody that is, please contact me directly at [email protected]. You can read more about each job on Doist's jobs page.

For the Android position alone:
If you refer an Android developer and we hire this person we'll gift you the new MacBook (worth about $1299) - - or $1000 in cash. You are welcome to refer yourself ;-)

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Advanced Redis data structures

A few days ago I gave a talk at PyCon Belarus regarding advanced Redis structures.

Follwing projects are presented:

  • redis_wrap: A Pythonic wrapper that makes it nicer to work with builtin Redis datatypes
  • redis_graph: A sample graph database
  • redis_simple_queue: A simple queue implemented on the list structure
  • bitmapist: a powerful analytics library using Redis bitmaps, great for retention and cohort tracking
  • fixedlist: a fixed list structure that can optimize timelines (and other things)
  • How to use Lua scripting for more advanced data structures and better performance

These are Python projects, but some of them (like bitmapist) have been ported to other languages.



One slide that shows why WhatsApp is worth much more than $19bn

There is a great presentation by Benedict Evans that explains why mobile is very important: Mobile, Context and Discovery.

In this presentation there is a graph that shows industry scale. Mobile networks lead with over 1 trillion dollars in revenue and are much bigger than anything else, such as online advertising.

WhatsApp is disrupting part of this industry (the SMS part, which globally has over $100bn in revenue). Facebook's current revenue can't even be visualized that well on this graph.

Industry scale

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WhatsApp acquisition: You have to have the right people

I am really fascinated by Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp for a whooping 16 billion USD in cash and stock [link].

The more interesting parts for me isn’t that much the price, but what WhatsApp has built with **only** 50 people (and only 32 engineers):

  • A platform that’s used actively by 450million people, growing 1million by day
  • Processing 50billion messages pr. day using Erlang
  • They have invested $0 in advertising
  • Their business model was unique: it was a paid service that cost $1/year
  • Only 8million USD in investment
  • More stats

Never in human history was it possible for 50 people to create so much value (regardless if we think they are worth 16B).

In technology to touch the lives on millions and create a lot of value you don’t have to have a lot of people. You have to have the right people.

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This week's reading list

Here's the list for this week:
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Warren Buffett - The World's Greatest Money Maker

A documentary about Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of all time. His decisions about buying shares and companies have beaten the stock market year after year and made him the richest person in the world - thought to be worth 37 billion dollars.

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"The young Bosnian that wants to improve the productivity of the world"

There's a small article on me in - Chile's biggest newspaper.

El Mercurio article

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Launch of Todoist Next

We have released Todoist Next. Check it out!

I am so proud of the team for delivering a world-class result.

Todoist Next

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12 Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki

Great talk by Guy Kawasaki on what Steve Jobs taught him.

TLDR (for those that don't want to spend 50 minutes watching this):

  • Experts are clueless
  • Customers cannot tell you what they need
  • Jump to the next curve
  • The biggest challenges beget best work
  • Design counts
  • You can’t go wrong with big graphics and big fonts
  • Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence
  • “Value” is different from “price”
  • A players hire A+ players
  • Real CEOs demo
  • Real CEOs ship
  • Marketing boils down to providing unique value

There’s also article version on CNET here: What I learned from Steve Jobs.

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Zen room for Vim: Focusing only on the essential

I just released a forked version of vimroom which I call vim-zenroom. It enables you just to focus on the code or the text you are writing, without all the distractions!

It provides following features:

  • A special mode for editing Markdown and reStructuredText. It's highly inspired by iA Writer
  • Optimizations for my vimrc

You can go into this using <leader>V (standard vimroom mapping) or <leader>z (in my vimrc).

New version: vim-zenroom2

A new version is out that's based on Goyo.vim. It's not a fork of vimroom. Get it at vim-zenroom2!


Some other examples

Editing code

Enter the Zone easier by just focusing on the code - and nothing else:

zenroom editing code

zenroom editing code fs

Editing documentation

It's a lot more powerful than iA Writer and includes code syntax highlighting (for Markdown and reStructuredText):

zenroom editing documentation

zenroom editing documentation fs

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